Aesthetic and Sensibility


YOYA is intellectual seduction and playful eccentricity in one.
The brand’s DNA is a captivating play on contrasts and dazzling dissonance — utilitarian meets delicate where one can effectively function and be fetching at the same time.


Vol. 05 Silent Soirée Collection

YOYA is a thinker, a challenger of conventional notions and norms, but always with the goal to constantly surprise. Often defying traditional ideals of femininity and beauty with such offbeat eclecticism, the garments don’t rely purely on a woman’s sex appeal.

YOYA is both familiar and startling at the same time, it pushes the boundaries enough to be extraordinary yet remaining so very wearable. The brand’s aesthetic sits somewhere between high culture and the ordinary world — practical with the right amount of beautiful, ingenious fantasy.

YOYA is a lifestyle, a frame of mind, a kind of spirit and a point of view.

Any woman can choose to wear it, whether a reflection of who she is or how she wants to be. It is up to her how bold or subtle she would want her YOYA look to be. Ultimately, it is a uniform for the thinking woman. Just like the woman who wears it, the brand essence means finding new solutions and interpreting elements in unexpected ways.


The YOYA Woman


Vol. 04 Pragmatic Poise Collection

YOYA dresses women who dress for themselves.
Independent and not the kind to follow blindly, she is less about age or status and more about the understanding of the clothes to express oneself and to function well.
She is cool instead of hot. Interesting but not eccentric.
Her inimitable perspective is what defines her, a refusal to concede to trends or whims.

Intelligent, self-actualised and elegant – she is an intriguing mix of practical and poetic.
Everything surrounding her is inspiring, whether that’s music, nature, design, history, cultures, art or science.
She thinks wider than fashion.
She knows what she’s talking about and creates the best work she can.
Her ability to offer cultured and inspiring conversations makes her enjoyable company.

She finds unbridled sexuality and full-on glamour awkward as she finds herself in between.
A bare shoulder should be offset by a covered-up bottom. But more than just a modest aesthetic, this is a matter of being both mobile and versatile for her.
Comfort and fluidity are always key — necessarily a woman of balance and ease.

She is a woman of grace and her clothes are part of her amor — a tool she uses to show the world who she is, and how she lives her life. Her thoughts and actions are guided by love everyday and she is very much human.
Instinctive, primal, driven and yet spiritual and open.

Despite a defined formula that allows her to operate efficiently in the many facets of her interesting but ordinary life, the YOYA woman is dynamic and exciting, intellectually sexy and full of wit.
She throws in a few surprises here and there, every now and then, keeping people on their toes.

YOYA is a celebration of the eclectic independent woman, both powerful and feminine at the same time.
She’s the kind of woman that effortlessly wears her clothes, full of intention and natural gravitas.
A woman that does not dress for an occasion, but rather simply dresses for life.